Biography of Patti Mae Callaway
February 27, 1911 - December 20, 2002

Patti Mae Callaway was born 27 Feb 1911, Oxford, Lafayette County, Mississippi and died 20 Dec 2002, in Atlanta, Fulton County, Georgia. She was buried 22 Dec 2002, in Ellisville, Ellisville Cemetery, Jones County, Mississippi. She was the daughter of Leona Corrighne White and James Stephen Callaway of Oxford, Mississippi.

Patti's father, James Stephen Callaway, was the son of Mary Ann Wood and Stephen Gallatin Callaway. James was born 29 Jan 1866, in Oxford, Lafayette County, Mississippi, and died 2 May 1953, in Oxford, Lafayette County, Mississippi.

Patti's grandfather, Stephen Gallatin Callaway, was the son of Nancy Day Farley and Reverend James Render Callaway. Stephen was born 15 May 1823, in Pike County, Georgia, and died 29 Jun 1886, in Oxford, Lafayette County, Mississippi and was buried in Mt. Zion Methodist Church Cemetery, Lafayette County, Mississippi. Stephen went with his brothers, Allison Render Callaway and Hilary Newton Callaway, who died in 1849 and was buried at Independence Rock, Wyoming on the way to California during the gold rush, traveling overland and returning by boat to New Orleans.  He missed being recorded with his father in the census of 1850. He returned to Pontotoc and Lafayette Counties about 1858 and was married to Mary Ann Wood in 1858. He used to show off his gold cuff links and always started the story of his adventure with "The cowards never started", the opening phrase of the Pioneer's Creed. He joined the Confederate Army at Okolona, Mississippi and served in Company A, 41st Mississippi Infantry CSA under General Nathan Bedford Forrest, from 1861-1865. He was a special messenger (courier) earned through experience as horseman and his experience earlier traveling overland to California. He lived in Pontotoc County with his wife and three children until about 1871 when he moved to Lafayette County presumable to get his mother Nancy Day Farley Callaway and his sister to help him take care of his then four children after his wife Mary died in 1870. Martha, a fifth child, died in infancy in 1864 and was buried at Campground Methodist Church Cemetery, Pontotoc County, Mississippi.

Patti's great grandfather, James Render Callaway, was the son of Mary Render and Joshua Callaway. James Render was born 20 Dec 1796, in Wilkes County, Georgia, and died 21 Jul 1865, in Lafayette County, Mississippi and was buried in Mt. Zion Methodist Church Cemetery, Lafayette County, Mississippi. James Render Callaway served as Colonel in 56th Regiment, Pike County, Georgia Militia. In 1836 he came to Mississippi immediately after the Treaty of Pontotoc Creek, 1832, and bought land in what is now Lee County, 2 miles NE of Palmetto. He founded Mt. Zion Methodist Church, Lafayette County, Mississippi. He had very few assets after the Civil War and died in 1865 of small pox. His son, Dr. James Gilpin Callaway also died the same year with small pox.

Patti's great great grandfather, Joshua Callaway, was the son of Mary Carter and Job Callaway. Joshua was born 12 Nov 1771, in Anson County, North Carolina, and died Aug 1818, in Jasper County, Georgia and was buried in Jasper County, Georgia. Joshua was married three times; the last four children of his third marriage were left as orphans when he died in 1818 and from then to 1821 were wards of the court. He was the father of James Render Callaway by his 1st wife, Mary Render, and was a soldier in the Culpepper Virginia Militia. In 1804 he moved from Wilkes County, Georgia to Jasper County, Georgia.

Patti's great great great grandfather, Job Callaway was the son of Elizabeth and Edward Callaway. Job was born about 1741 in Bedford County, Virginia, died 3 Feb 1804, Wilkes County, Georgia, and was buried in Wilkes County, Georgia. Job had four brothers, John, Isaac, Joseph and Joshua. Job was a wheelwright and is referenced in "Early Records of Georgia Revolutionary Soldiers, Sailors, Patriots Descendants", Vol. 1, p. 43 and "Georgia Revolutionary War Soldiers' Graves", Vol. 2. He served as a private in the Virginia Troops, serving in North Carolina and in Georgia. Later he became an original large land owner in Wilkes County Georgia through land granted for service in the Revolution.

Biography compiled by Chas. Boyd, Patti Mae Callaway's daughter, Beverly's husband.

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