While working on my Callaway family tree, I Became intrigued with this branch. Also the realization that we would be taking a genealogical fact finding trip to Kansas and Missouri caused me to delve more deeply into John. I am LTC. Charles Patrick Callaway USA RET, son of Horace William, son of Charlie T., son of William R. who was John Hatton’s brother, and my Great Grandfather. Therefore, John H. is my Great Grand Uncle. 

The opportunity presented itself to do some hunting for this ancestor when, in the fall of 2003, Mary Anna and I made a family search trip thru Kansas and Missouri following her ancestral trail. After a couple of weeks on her road, we had arrived in Butler, Missouri where she visited the last of the cousins on her list. We then headed for Christian County and ole John Hatton’s stomping grounds. Armed with a fair amount of information already, we immediately went to Sparta. There we met some very helpful folks who guided us to John’s Church as well as to Monger Cemetery. After this photo excursion, we returned to Ozark where, at the little historical museum we saw an old map which showed the location of his property which Mary Anna photographed. At the County Court House, we dug up and copied his will and probate documents. 

The results of our effort are included in the History of this branch of my Callaway tree.

Descendants of John Hatton Callaway

Generation No. 1 

1.  JOHN HATTON CALLAWAY  was born 16 Sep 1827 in Sumner County, Tennessee, the fifth child of David W. Callaway and Nancy Ferguson. David had migrated from Bertie County North Carolina after serving in the War of 1812. John died 01 Apr 1920 at the age of 92 in Christian County, Missouri. 

Family History: 

John married (1) MARY E. BINKLEY 11 Oct 1852 in Sumner County, Tennessee.  She was born about. 1837 in Sumner County, Tennessee, and died 1870 in Henry  County, Tennessee. 

John Hatton relocated his family from Sumner County to Henry County, Tennessee, in the late 1850s. His brothers James Elijah, William R., and David Oregon soon followed. 

He appears in the 1860 TN, Henry CY., census as John H. Caloway, age 35 with wife, Mary E., age 24; son, Charles E. age 4; Martha E. age 1. 

Civil War Record of John Hatton: 

At the age of 36, John enlisted 1 Dec 1863 at Conyersville, Henry County, Tennessee, in Company K, 20th Tennessee Cavalry Regiment, Army of the Confederate States of America. The Regiment fought at Okolona, Mississippi, Paducah, Kentucky and Fort Pillow, Tennessee. He was present for duty until he was reported as a deserter 28 Feb 1865 at Verona, Mississippi, the same day his brother, David deserted. John returned to Henry County and resumed farming. 

1870 Census: TN, Henry CY., District 18, Roll 1538, Page 405, Line 20, House, 1167; Caloway John, 49; Mary E., 33 wife; son Charles, 13; son J. L., 7; son Robt., 3; son James, 1. 

After 18 years of marriage, John's wife Mary died about 1870 in Henry County. Her place of burial is not known. Three years later, JOHN CALLAWAY and NANCY Caldonia MORRIS were married 2 April 1874 by W. T. Lowther, M.P.; Bondsman was  J. M.  Bucy. (source:  Henry County Tennessee Marriage 1868-1880; complied by W. O. Inman RR929.3T2HEI) [source.FTW] 

NANCY CALDONIA MORRIS was born 22 Apr 1850 in Henry County, Tennessee, and died 05 Nov 1936 in Christian County, Missouri. 

1880 Census: TN, Henry CY., District 14, Roll 1263, Sheet 18, Page 225, Line 10, House 86; he is Calaway J. H., 57; Nancy C., 30, Wife; son John L., 16; son Robert A., 13; son James W., 11; son Isham H., 2; dau Anne M., 1/12. 

After the war and with the problems experienced during reconstruction. In the 1881-3 time period, John Hatton, along with many other Tennesseeans migrated to Sparta, Christian County, Missouri where, in 1885, he became one of the founding members, and first deacons of the Christian Church of Sparta. The Reverend Thomas A. Foster was the first pastor. John also served as a member of the Church Board.  The original church building is still standing with an active membership.

Sparta Christian Church, Sparta, Missouri, founded in 1885

The current pastor, Rev. Raymond G. Cartwright, was good enough to provide the following: 

Dear Charles and Mary Anna: 

I have found several references to John Callaway in our old record books. There is also mention of J. H. Callaway, Wm Callaway, and Anna Callaway. I will quote from the second paragraph of a history of the church. Notice the spelling though. "Some of the first officers were: Thomas Day, J. N. Stephens acting as elders. John Calloway, J. P. Lee and John Abbot as Deacons." At the top of the document someone has penciled in that it was written about 1933. In a later document also entitled "History of Sparta Christian Church", it is stated: "The following history was written by Ella Eichelburger in 1940 with extracts taken from a previous history written by Eileen Chaudion Rogers." This history lists John Calloway as being one of the early builders of the church building. There is an entry in one of the books as follows: January 7, 1892, J. H. Callaway 1 year subscript. $5.00. Later on the same page is the following entry: April * 1892. Wm Callaway one year sub $4.80. 

I imagine the variance in the spelling of the last name (sometimes Callaway and sometimes Calloway) is due to errors in transcribing. I also found a John Galloway mentioned and wonder if he too were not actually John Callaway. As I said, John Callaway's name was mentioned in other places as well. 

God bless you.
Ray Cartwright, Pastor
Sparta Christian Church 

1900 Census, MO, Christian County, Sparta township, Household 341, John H. Callaway, Head, Born Sep 1827, Age 72, Married 26 years, Born TN, Father NC, Mother TN, Farming; Nancy, Wife, Born Apr 1850, Age 50, Married 26 years, Children born 7, Children living 5, Born TN, Father TN, Mother TN; Anna M., Dau, Born May 1880, Age 20, Single; Nora, Dau, Born Aug 1884, Age 15, Single, At school; Nella, Dau, Born Aug 1887, Age12 Single, At school; Ruth, Dau, Born Dec 1892, Age 7, Single, At school. 

1910 Census, MO, Christian County, Sparta Township, Roll T624-776, Page 176, Enumeration District 46, Enumerated 11 May, Household 124. Callaway, John H., Head, age 82, Married 2, Married 36 years, born TN, Father TN, Mother TN, Farming; Nancy, wife, age 60 Married 1, Married 36 years, Children born 7, children living, 5, Born TN, Father TN, Mother TN; Nora, Dau, age 25, Single, School Teacher; Nellie, Dau, age 22, Single; Ruth, Dau, age 17, Single, all children Born MO, Father TN, Mother TN. 

In the 1920 Census, Roll T625-911, ED 54, Sheet 5A, Enumerated 7&8 Jun, John resides in Sparta Village, Sparta Township and is age 92 with wife Nancy C. age 69 and daughter Nellie, age 32, Ruth Fich (Fitch), Grand daughter, age 4 2/12 also resides there.

John and Nancy’s Property in Section 23 of Christian County, Missouri
On display at the Christian County Historical Museum, Ozark, Missouri

John Hatton's Will: 

John's will was signed and witnessed 20 May 1912. Witnesses were J. C. Heard and A. L. Baty. The will was filed 17 Jul 1920. 12 Aug 1920, the will was probated and the following distribution ordered:



Real Estate Personal Property Annuities Total

N. C. Callaway
Sparta, MO






John Callaway
Lawrence Co., MO






Wm Callaway
Jackson Co., MO






Charles Callaway
Sparta, MO

Gr Son





Audie Fesperman
Sparta, MO

Gr Dau





Nellie Callaway
Sparta, MO






Isham Callaway
Sparta, MO






Mrs. Ruth Bradley
Sparta, MO






Nora Boyd
Sparta, MO






Ruth Fitch
Sparta, MO

Gr Dau





Monger Cemetery: 

The Callaway family plot is located here, where John Hatton, his wife Nancy, and many of their children, and grand children are interred. It is a beautiful, tranquil, almost serene, well maintained place but, without specific directions, one would never find it. Our many thanks to Ms. Jane Sherrow of the Sparta Town Hall who said: Go North out of Sparta on route 125 about 3 miles. There will be a Y intersection where 125 turns rather sharply left. Go straight on Reed Road approximately 3/4 mile to Johnson Road on the right. Follow Johnson Road about 1/2 mile to the first brick house on the left. Turn into driveway and proceed past the house. You will first see the Monger School, a one room frontier school. Past this is the cemetery. Many old white oak trees stand almost as sentries guarding those who rest here.

Charles Callaway at Monger Cemetery

Monger Cemetery, Sparta, Missouri

School at Monger Cemetery, Sparta, Missouri

John Callaway and Nancy Morris were married 2 April, 1875 by W. T. Lowther, M.P.; Bondsman:  J. M. Bucy (source:  Henry County, Tennessee Marriage 1868-1880; compiled by W. O. Inman R929.3T2HEI) [Source FTW]


1.                i.          CHARLES E4 CALLAWAY, b. 1857, TN.

                   ii. MARTHA E CALLAWAY, b. 1859, Henry Co., TN; m. WILLIAM PARK,

William and Martha were married 28 May 1882 in Christian County by The Rev. J. W. Smalin. Registered in Marriage Book 3 Page 43.

2.               iii. JOHN L CALLAWAY, b. Oct 1863, Henry Co., TN.

3.               iv. ROBERT A. CALLAWAY, b. 09 Nov 1866, Henry Co., TN; d. 19 Jul 1894, Christian Co., Mo.

                  v.         JAMES W. CALLAWAY, b. 1869, Henry Co., TN.



4.               vi. ISHAM HATTON4 CALLAWAY, b. 30 Aug 1877, Henry Co., TN; d. 31 May 1951, Sparta, MO.

                 vii. ANNIE M. CALLAWAY, b. May 1880, Henry Co., TN.

5.             viii. NORA CALLAWAY, b. 24 Aug 1884, Sparta, Christian Co., Mo; d. 01 Jul 1983, Christian County, MO..

                  ix. NELL CALLAWAY, b. 08 Aug 1887, Sparta, Christian Co., MO; d. 14 Feb 1962, Sparta, Christian Co.,  MO; m. CHARLES FITCH, MO; b. MO; d. MO.

In 1920 Nell is living with her daughter Ruth at the home of her Father and Mother. NELL is buried in Monger Cemetery, Sparta, MO

                x.  NINA LEE CALLAWAY, b. 12 Jul 1890, Christian Co., MO; d. 28 Oct 1891, Sparta, Christian Co.,  MO. Burial: Monger Cemetery, Sparta, MO

6.              xi.         RUTH CALLAWAY, b. Dec 1892, Sparta, Christian Co., Mo.

Generation No. 2 

2.   JOHN L4 CALLAWAY (JOHN HATTON3, DAVID W.2, THOMAS1) was born Oct 1863 in Henry County, Tennessee.  He married NANNIE L. SIMMERMAN in Christian County, Missouri.  She was born Jan 1871 in Missouri. John and Nannie  were married by Isaac Dray, Justice of the Peace on 17 Apr 1892 in Christian County. This event is recorded in Marriage Book 5 Page 82. 

1900 Census, Missouri, Christian County, North Marion Township, Enumeration District 20, Sheet 13, Enumerated 18 Jun, Family 242, Household 242, Callaway, John, Head, Born Oct 1863, Age 36, Married 8, Born TN, Father TN, Mother TN, Rail Road Laborer, Rents home; Nannie, Wife, Born Jan 1871, Age 29, Married 8, Children born 2, Children living 2, Born MO, Father VA, Mother TN; Roscoe, Son, Born Mar 1893, age 7, Unes ?, Born Dec 1894, Age 5, Children born MO, Father TN, Mother MO. 

In 1910 in Buck Prairie Township, Laurence County, MO, Roll T624-795, ED 89, Sheet 13B, Enumerated 27 Apr. John L. is age 46, Years in this marriage 18, occupation Section Foreman, Rail Road; Nannie is age 40, married 18 years, children born 3, children living 3; Roscoe, age 17, Eun (?) age 15, Thelma, age 3. 

In 1920, Lincoln Township, Laurence County, MO. Roll T625-932, ED 109, Sheet #A enumerated 3 Jan. John L. resides in dwelling 66 and is age 56; Nannie is age 47; Thelma E. is age 12. 

By 1930 John is apparently deceased and in the Census, Lincoln Township, Laurence CO., ED 13, Sheet 7A, enumerated 24 Apr, Nannie is age 60, age at first marriage 22, Roscoe is age 37, age at marriage 27, and is a Section Foreman with the Railroad. Carrie, his wife is age 29, age at marriage 15. Clide R is age 11; Fernie F is age 9 and Torthia M. is age 7.     


                    i.               ROSCOE5 CALLAWAY, b. Mar 1893.

                   ii.               UNES CALLAWAY, b. Dec 1894. 

3.   ROBERT A.4 CALLAWAY (JOHN HATTON3, DAVID W.2, THOMAS1) was born 09 Nov 1866 in Henry County, Tennessee, and died 19 Jul 1894 in Christian County, Missouri.  He married ARTELIA ABBOTT, daughter of WILLIAM ABBOTT and MARY MONGER.  She was born 25 Jan 1868 in Lindon Township, Christian County, Missouri, and died 16 Jul 1938 in Christian County, Missouri. Robert and Artelia Abbott were married 11 Mar 1891 by Isaac Dray, Justice of the Peace in Sparta, Christian County. Recorded in Marriage Book 5 Page 4. 

Artelia and Robert are buried in the Callaway plot at Monger Cemetery.


In the 1900, 1910 and 20 Census years, Artelia with her children is living with her Father, William Abbott and family. In 1910 her occupation is clerk in hardware store. In 1920 she is shown as an accountant. 


                    i. CHARLES H.5 CALLAWAY, b. 09 Sep 1891, Christian County, MO.; d. 21 Jul 1947, Kansas City, MO.. Burial: Monger Cemetery, Sparta, MO.

At the time of death, Charles was single according to his obituary. 


7.                ii. AUDIE MARIE CALLAWAY, b. 19 Sep 1892, Christian County, MO.; d. 15 May 1975, Christian County, MO. 

4.  ISHAM HATTON4 CALLAWAY (JOHN HATTON3, DAVID W.2, THOMAS1) was born 30 Aug 1877 in Henry County, Tennessee, and died 31 May 1951 in Sparta, Missouri.  He married GRACE SEAMON BROWN 20 Feb 1900 in Springfield, Missouri, daughter of HENRY BROWN and ELLEN CONNER.  She was born 07 Nov 1882 in Christian County, Missouri, and died 06 Apr 1956 in Springfield, Greene  County, Missouri. 

In 1920 The family is in Springfield, Greene County, Missouri, located in ED 46, Page 6A, Enumerated 7 Jan. Isham is age 42, owns home, Occupation Section Foreman, Rail Road; Grace is age 37; Esther is age 17; Earl is age 12. 

1930 Census, Missouri, Greene County, Springfield City, North Campbell Township, ED 39-37, Sheet 22A, Page 154, Enumerated 29 Apr, Line 6, House 2431, Callaway, Isham H., Head, Owns home, value 2500, age 52, married, Age 22 at marriage, born TN, Father TN, Mother TN, Occupation Section Foreman Rail Road; Grace S. Wife, Age 47, Married, Age 17 at marriage, born MO Father MO, Mother MO; Earl R. Son, Age 23, Single, Occupation Train Caller Rail Road; Hall Esther M., Dau, Age 27, Occupation Packer Toy Factory; Children born MO, Father TN Mother MO; Robert I (Hall), Grandson, Age 7, Born MO. 

Both Isham and Grace are buried in the Callaway family plot at Monger Cemetery.

Grace's funeral was conducted by the Reverend Don Foley, Pastor of Sparta Baptist Church. Burial followed in the Callaway Family plot, next to her husband, Isham Hatton in Monger Cemetery, Christian County, Missouri.     


                    i. VERA EDITH5 CALLAWAY, b. 22 Feb 1901, Sparta, Christian Co.; d. 22 Jun 1901, Sparta, Christian Co., MO. Burial: Monger Cemetery, Sparta, MO

                   ii. ESTHER M. CALLAWAY, b. 1903.

                  iii. EARL ROBERT CALLAWAY, b. 07 Apr 1907; d. 20 Sep 1985; m. HELEN M. FREEMAN, 05 Mar 1922; b. 30 Sep 1907; d. 08 Oct 1998. 

5.   NORA4 CALLAWAY (JOHN HATTON3, DAVID W.2, THOMAS1) was born 24 Aug 1884 in Sparta, Christian County, Missouri, and died 01 Jul 1983 in Christian County, Missouri.  She married CHARLES FRANCIS BOYD in Missouri.  He was born 24 Feb 1887 in Walnut Shade, Taney County, Missouri, and died 12 Mar 1953 in Sparta, Missouri. Nora and Charles were married 18 Jun 1911 in Springfield, Greene County, Missouri. 

1920 Census, Missouri, Christian County, Lincoln Township, Clever Town, Roll T625-911, ED 45, Sheet 3A, Page 167, Enumerated 6&7 Jan. Ozark Road, House 68, Boyd, Charles F. Head, Age 32, Married, Born MO, Father MO, Mother MO, Occupation Teacher High School; Nora, Wife, Age 35, Married, Born MO, Father TN, Mother TN; Rowena C., Dau, Age 5, Single; Charles E. Son, Age 2/12; Children Born MO, Father MO, Mother MO; (Boyd) Seamon A., Brother, Age 28, Single, Born MO, Father MO, Mother MO, Teacher Public School. 

Note: We discovered Seamon Boyd's grave in Monger Cemetery during our search there.

1930 Census, Missouri, Christian County, Ozark City, Finley Township, District 4, ED 22-4, Sheet 5A, Enumerated 1 May, Boyd, Charles F., Head, Owns home, Value 2500, Age 43, Age at marriage 24, Born MO, Father MO, Mother MO, Occupation Lawyer general practice; Nora, Wife, Age 45, Age at marriage 26, Born MO, Father TN Mother TN; Rowena, Dau, Age 16; Charles E., Son, age 10. 

CHARLES FRANCIS BOYD and NORA CALLAWAY Burial: City of Ozark Cemetery, Christian County, Missouri.


                    i. ROWENA C.5 BOYD, b. 14 Mar 1914, MO; d. 19 May 2001, Springfield, Green County, MO.

                   ii. CHARLES ELDON BOYD, b. 16 Dec 1919, Christian County, MO.; d. 09 Jun 1998, Kansas City, Jackson County,  MO. 

CHARLES ELDON BOYD and his sister ROWENA C5. BOYD are buried with their parents in the City of Ozark Cemetery, Christian County, Missouri.

6.   RUTH4 CALLAWAY (JOHN HATTON3, DAVID W.2, THOMAS1) was born Dec 1892 in Sparta, Christian County, Missouri.  She married ORVILLE S. BRADLEY in Missouri.  He was born Oct 1895 in Christian County, Missouri, and died in Missouri. 

1920 Census, Missouri, Christian County, Sparta Township, Roll T625-911, ED 54, Sheet 8B, Enumerated 19 Jan. Family 188, Bradley, Orval, Head, Owns Home, Age 24, Born MO, Father MO, Mother MO, Farmer; Ruth, Wife, Age 27, Born MO, Father MO, Mother MO. 

1930 Census, Missouri, Greene County, North Campbell Township, Springfield City, Roll T626-1188, ED 27, Sheet 20B, Enumerated 14 Apr, Dwelling 510, Bradley, Orval, Owns home, Value 3500, Age 34, Age at marriage 21, Born MO, Father MO, Mother MO, Occupation Engineer, Stationary, Veteran WW 1, Ruth, Wife, Age 37, Born MO, Father NC, Mother TN; Merdith, Age 9; Vivian, Age 5; Orval, Jr., Age 2.     


                    i. MERDITH5 BRADLEY, b. 1921.

                   ii. VIVIAN BRADLEY, b. 1925.

                  iii. ORVAL BRADLEY, JR., b. 1928. 

Generation No. 3 

7.   AUDIE MARIE5 CALLAWAY (ROBERT A.4, JOHN HATTON3, DAVID W.2, THOMAS1) was born 19 Sep 1892 in Christian County, Missouri., and died 15 May 1975 in Christian County, Missouri.  She married MICHAEL J. FESPERMAN 02 May 1914 in Christian County, Missouri, son of JOHN FESPERMAN and MARY JACK.  He was born 01 Oct 1886 in Missouri, and died 22 Mar 1950 in Sparta, Christian County, Missouri. 

Audie's funeral service was held at 2:30 P.M. 18 May 1975 at the First Baptist Church, Sparta, Missouri.  The reverends Bill Mabury and Jerry Wallace officiated. Burial was in the Callaway family plot at Monger Cemetery. She was survived by son Leon, of Ozark Missouri, daughters, Mrs. Nina Johnson, Kansas City and Mrs. Eeba Nell Jefferies, Ozark; six grandchildren and 11 great grandchildren. 

Audie and Mike were married 2 May 1914 by the Reverend A. S. Hanks in Sparta, Christian County. Recorded in Marriage Book 9 Page 228. 

1920 Census, Missouri, Christian County, Sparta Township, Roll T625-911, ED 12, Sheet 2A, Page 271, Enumerated 3 Jan. South Street, Dwelling 37, Fesperman, Mike, Age 33, Born MO, Father NC, Mother MO, Occupation Blacksmith, Horse Shoeing; Audie, Wife, Age 26, Born MO, Father MO, Mother MO; Leon, Age 4 2/12, Loren, Age 2 ?/12, Nina, age ?/12. 

1930 Census, Missouri, Christian County, Sparta Township, District 21, ED 22-21, sheet 2B, Enumerated 8 Apr. Fesperman, Mike, Head, Rents home, Age 42, Age at marriage 27, born MO, Father NC, Mother NC, Occupation Mechanic, Blacksmith; Auda, Wife, Age 36, Age at marriage 20, Born MO, Father MO, Mother MO; Leon, Son, Age 14; Loren, Son, Age 12; Nina, Dau, Age 10; Reba  N., Dau, Age 3. 

Mike was a blacksmith and worked at the Tom Ferguson Blacksmith Shop in Sparta Missouri. The shop was located on the spot where the Town Hall currently stands according to employees of the City that we spoke to. 

Audie Marie and Michael are buried in the Callaway family plot at Monger Cemetery, Christian County, Missouri.


                    i. LEON6 FESPERMAN, b. 22 Oct 1915, Christian County, MO.; d. 03 Oct 1982, Christian County, MO; m. MARGARET TENNYSON, 09 Aug 1936, Christian Co., MO.. Leon was the one time Mayor of Ozark, MO. He was a member of the Ozark Christian Church and Friends Masonic Lodge No. 352. Services were held at the Adams Funeral Home 6 Oct 1982 with burial at Ozark Cemetery, Christian County, Missouri.  

                   ii. CHARLES LOREN FESPERMAN, b. 18 Jun 1917, Christian County, MO; d. 21 Jan 1950. Burial was 24 Jan 1950 at Monger Cemetery, Sparta, MO.

                  iii. NINA FESPERMAN, b. 1919.

                  iv. REBA FESPERMAN, b. 1927.

A cornerstone of the Callaway plot at Monger Cemetery

February 24, 2004
Compiled by:
Charles P. Callaway
Mesquite, Texas
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Note - See additional information on this family line in the February 2008 CFA newsletter.

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