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Volume XI  No. 1 

Always regard with esteem the name you were given;
 with praise and renown that it should endure.

The Editor's Corner


It's Time to Join or Renew Your CFA Membership for 2010

In 2009 we had a net increase of 50 new CFA Newsletter Subscribers!  In case any of our new subscribers aren't members of CFA, now is a great time to invite them all to JOIN. We would welcome you, and hope that you will submit your family information to CFA, so we can identify your Callaway/Kellaway ancestry. And to all our existing members, here is a reminder that it is time to RENEW your membership. We need all of you to remain one of the finest genealogy societies in the world!

Please welcome our new President and new Board Members. Thank you one and all for your dedication to CFA.

The CFA President Elect is Clay Callaway of Fayetteville, GA.

The newly elected Directors who will serve their 1st 3-year term beginning January 1, 2010 and ending on December 31, 2012 are:

Ray Calloway from W. Monroe, LA
Shirley Thompson, from Nashville, TN
Rebecca Calloway from Birmingham, AL
Pat Schnurr from Maitland, FL

Editor’s note - I encourage each of you to send in articles for the e-Newsletter. It doesn’t have to be lengthy. It could be some "Callaway/Kellaway" news, a family story, a family photo, a favorite family recipe, results from your family line research, or any item you think would be of interest to our readers. Send them to me, and I will take care of adding them.
I look forward to hearing from you.

Current News


In Memory

I would like to thank Jim Sands for sending us notice of the death of Laura Elizabeth Callaway. She was the wife of Howard Hollis "Bo" Callaway from the following line of descent:
Peter Callaway
John Callaway
Edward Callaway
John Callaway
Rev. Enoch Callaway
Abner Reeves Callaway and 1st wife Sarah Jane Howard
Fuller Earle Callaway, Sr.
Cason Jewell Callaway, Sr.
Howard Hollis "Bo" Callaway

CALLAWAY, Laura Elizabeth "Beth" Walton Callaway died peacefully on Tuesday, December 8, 2009, surrounded by her family at Spring Harbor Assisted Living in Columbus, GA. Mrs. Callaway, daughter of Ralph Outlaw and Octavia Perry Walton, was born in Hamilton, GA, on January 18, 1926. A sixth generation Georgian and a fifth generation Harris County native, Mrs. Callaway lived in many places during her lifetime but always loved her Harris County heritage. She was educated in the Harris County School System, where she met Howard H. "Bo" Callaway in the sixth grade at Hamilton Grade School. She graduated from Agnes Scott College in Atlanta, GA, in 1947, and married Mr. Callaway on June 11, 1949. They lived in Colorado from 1976 until 1997. The Callaways owned Crested Butte Mountain Resort in Colorado from 1970 until 2004. Mrs. Callaway was active in her husband's 1980 campaign for the U.S. Senate. In 1979, she received a Masters of Science in Botany from Western State College in Gunnison, CO. She is survived by her husband and their five children; Elizabeth Callaway Considine of Denver, CO; Howard H. Callaway Jr. of Bristol, VA; Edward C. Callaway of Hamilton, GA; Virginia Callaway Martin of Toronto, Canada; and Ralph W. Callaway of Columbus, GA; 16 grandchildren and one great-grandchild. She also is survived by her brother Ralph Outlaw Walton Jr. and family. Wildflowers and photography were among Mrs. Callaway's interests. For many years, she was a founding member and served on the Board of Visitors for the Ida Cason Callaway Foundation; Board of the National Arboretum in Washington DC; and was a founding member of the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center in Austin, TX. The family will receive friends at the funeral home on Friday, December 11, from 6:00 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. The Rosary will be said at 7:30 p.m. at the funeral home. A funeral mass will be at 10:00 a.m. on Saturday, December 12, 2009, at Christ the King Catholic Church, Pine Mountain, GA, with Father John A. Madden officiating. In lieu of flowers, the family has requested contributions to the Beth Callaway Wildflower Fund, c/o Callaway Gardens, P.O. Box 2000, Pine Mountain, GA 31822, which has been established in Mrs. Callaway's memory at Callaway Gardens. In celebration of Mrs. Callaway's life, a memorial organ concert will be 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. on Saturday at the Ida Cason Callaway Memorial Chapel at Callaway Gardens, Pine Mountain, GA. Arrangements are by Striffler-Hamby Mortuary, 1010 Mooty Bridge Road, LaGrange, GA, 30240 (706) 884-8636,

In Memory

It is with great sadness that I report the death of Conrad Miller. His wife Margaret has been an active CFA Member for many years. Our condolences go to Margaret and all their family.

I am sorry to  be so long in sending you this, but Tues. the 8Th Dec. my husband passed away of a massive heart attack.  
Since he wanted to be cremated  we are not having any service. After school is out in June 2010  we will  go to Peck, Kansas.  That is where he used to fish with a friend of his when he was a teenager.
Conrad H. Miller,  age 72  passed away Dec. 8, 2009 at his home. He is to be cremated and ashes  scattered at a later date.

He is survived by his wife  Margaret A. Miller, daughters   Margaret Ann Miller, Angelia Jean Miller, 3 grandchildren;  Travis Wayne Boone, David Alan Boone, James Alan Schubert, 2 great grandchildren; Tatum  Diamonde Boone and Tyler Earl Boone. (that is the correct spelling of Angelia's  name. My husband  named her, and Tatum Diamonde is the correct  spelling of the g granddaughter. I do not know who named her.)

Conrad was born in Wichita, Kansas May 7, 1937. He married  wife April 4, 1958 in Wichita, Kansas. He graduated from West High School in Wichita, Kansas. Here is a picture of the two of us from our 50th wedding anniversary party.

Thanks Donna, for being so nice to us all. 
Margaret  Miller
mamill441 at

Neil Callaway - Head Football Coach for the University of Alabama Birmingham
Here's a note from CFA Member, Fred Lucas about Neil Callaway's coaching season this year. You can read his bio here:

If you would like to try to contact him, he can be found on Facebook at:

For those who don't know, Neil Callaway is the head football coach at the University of Alabama Birmingham. The team is affiliated with the Conference USA. This year the team won five games while losing seven games. Neil Callaway is the only Callaway who is a head football coach at any Division 1 university.
I would encourage all football fans to send him and the team messages of encouragement. I live in Cincinnati. This year under coach Brian Kelly, the University of Cincinnati football team won all twelve games. Maybe someday Neil Callaway and his team will win all twelve regular season games. 
Fred Lucas
fredrick.lucas at
From England to America and Reported in Australia - Kelway's Seeds

In 1914 the U.S. Government was cultivating beautiful flower and vegetable gardens somewhere. Anyone have any idea where or for whom? Bill Piper sends us this newspaper article telling us all about it.

~ From Northern Territory Times and Gazette (Darwin), Thursday, 13 August 1914

Huge Order for Garden Seeds

The United States Government each year distribute, by order of Congress, enormous quantities of seeds throughout the United States free of cost.

The orders given are sometimes very large, as may be judged from the fact that Messrs. Kelway and Son, Wholesale Seed Growers and Merchants, of Langport, Somerset (who have for some years been amongst the successful competitors for a portion of the order), have this year received from the United States Government from Washington an orde3r for Flower Seeds and Vegetable Seeds along totalling in weight nearly 44 tons!

This is probably one of the largest orders for flower and vegetable seeds ever received by one firm from one customer, as it is not composed even in part of agricultural seeds or of large seeds such as peas and beans. Many hundreds of acres must have been under cultivation for the production of the weight in question. How large an area such an enormous quantity of seeds would sow seems almost past human computation.

Of the four other European firms who (in addition to the Langport firm) are this year favored by the United States Government with their order for seeds, one is English, two French and one Dutch.

All I Want for Christmas is . . .

I'd like to share one of my favorite greeting cards, always a big hit with fellow genealogists.

. . . to find out who is my great-
grandmother's second son, who
married his first cousin once-
removed, and had twin daughters
who married brothers of a family
down the road. He later remarried
his late wife's youngest sister and
adopted her fourteen children of
whom the fourth oldest son
married my second cousin.

Happy Holidays
from the Family Researcher

~ The greeting card was an exclusive design, some years ago, of Origins Genealogy Shop, Columbus, OH

An Update on the Reconstruction of the Parham Callaway Cabin in Marshfield, Missouri

I would like to thank Leigh Callaway for sending us an update on the success of the reconstruction of Parham Callaway's Cabin. All of the volunteers have done a remarkable and lasting job. Parham Callaway descended from they Peter Callaway line as follows:
Peter Callaway
John Callaway
Edward Callaway
Isaac Callaway
John M. Callaway and 1st wife Elizabeth Smith
Parham Callaway

(left) Before Reconstruction (right) During Reconstruction

After Completion

Hello Donna:

The CFA Newsletter has carried information about the relocation and reconstruction of the Callaway Cabin in Marshfield, Missouri in (the May 2007 Newsletter,  and the July 2007 Newsletter, and the October 2009 Newsletter.)

A recap and some anecdotes: the cabin was built in 1852 by Parham and Nancy (Kirk) Callaway (my great great grandparents).  They had thirteen children, ten of whom lived to a good age.  One of those children, James Pastelle, married Martha (Melissa) Bruton in 1878.  James Pastelle Callaway was elected Webster County Sheriff in November 1881 and they moved into the jail shortly thereafter (the old one was destroyed by a tornado in 1880).  That’s where my grandfather, Parham Pastelle Callaway, was born – in the Webster County Jail – in July 1882.  James and Melissa Callaway bought the Parham/Nancy place - the site from which the cabin was moved – from his siblings in 1888, put up a good modern building and began farming the property.  They moved back to Marshfield on and off as he was elected county collector a few times.  Apparently he was equally talented politicking as he was farming. 

Reconstruction of the cabin is essentially complete and landscaping is the only major item remaining.  This project stands as a prime example of what can happen when volunteer time is mixed with limited funding and no end of determination.  We are deeply grateful to Mr. Beckner and his team. 

Recently, Mr. Beckner wrote to me that the reconstructed cabin is scheduled for dedication during the July 4, 2010 celebrations, sponsored by the Marshfield Area Chamber of Commerce.  For more information about attending and helping with the celebration, contact the Marshfield Area Community Foundation, PO Box 427, Marshfield MO 65706. 

Leigh L. Callaway
leighcallaway at


CFA Genealogy


U. S. Joseph Callaway Line

Please welcome Maggie Reed of Fort Mill, SC as a new Newsletter subscriber. She has graciously sent us some information about her husband, Brett's connection to the Calloway family. Brett descends from the Joseph Callaway line as follows:
Joseph Callaway
Thomas Callaway
Charles Callaway
Thomas Callaway
William Callaway
Emeline C. Callaway

My husband is Donald Brett Reed. He grew up in Marion, NC during his early youth, and then his family moved to Stone Mountain, Georgia.  “PaPaw” (William Lloyd Reed) worked at Cross Mill Cotton Plant until he retired, and was buried in April, 2000 at the McDowell County Cemetery.  PaPaw’s mother, Victoria Duncan, is the daughter of Emeline Calloway and John Henry Duncan.  I have a lovely picture of Victoria that was taken about 1915 with William Lloyd (PaPaw) on her lap.  The frame is very old and fragile so I took a picture of the portrait for you to see.

Victoria Duncan Reed and son William Lloyd Reed

Emma apparently had a little boy prior to marrying John and lived at home with her mom until he was two years old.  She and John Duncan had a number of children of which Victoria is one.  Victoria died in a State Hospital – believed at the time that she had mental illness, but now is understood to be a Vitamin B Deficiency that leads to Dementia.  Victoria is my husband’s great-grandmother.   

Hope this information fills in some of the blanks in your “Master” Calloway Tree.  I look forward to getting the newsletter, thank you for putting me on the list.
Maggie Reed
maggie_reed at

I would like to thank Nova Patterson for telling us of the 100th year celebration of her DAR Chapter. Nova's patriot was James Callaway, and the line of descent is as follows:
Joseph Callaway

William Callaway and wife Elizabeth Tilley
James Callaway and wife Elizabeth Early
William Callaway
Nancy Elizabeth Trent Callaway

Donna, Our Fort Industry Chapter of the DAR, celebrated its 100th Anniversary this month. As you know our patriot was James Callaway. My two daughters, Angela and Brigitte are members.  Fort Industry is not too far from Fort Meigs in Perrysburg. There is a famous statue of Admiral Perry. Fort Meigs is also a cemetery for Soldiers (1776-1812) The Battle of Fallen Timbers.

Nova Patterson
jpatterson4 at
Angela Wasserman
Brigitte David

U. S. Peter Callaway Line

The following biographical sketches are taken from:
Alabama Genealogy - Alabama Pioneers - The Alabama Genealogy Resource web site:


DAVID CALLOWAY, another of these old settlers, moved from Georgia and settled on the Mobile road, twelve miles south of Montgomery. MR. CALLOWAY was a successful farmer, and was a man that was highly respected for his many good qualities. He reared a large family, three sons, and six daughters. JOHN B. CALLOWAY, of Snowdoun, is his oldest son. The other two sons died in early manhood.

One of MR CALLOWAY'S daughters is the wife of WILLIAM C. MASON; another married THOMAS DAVIS; another married MR. HAYS; another married CLARK TAYLOR; another married

JAMES TAYLOR( BROTHERS); and another married SCOVIL BATTLE. MR. CALLOWAY lived to a good old age and died at the old homestead about the year 1851.

Editor's Note - David Callaway's line of descent is as follows:
Peter Callaway
John Callaway
Edward Callaway
Job Callaway, Sr.
Joseph Callaway
David Callaway


WILLIS CALLOWAY, a gentleman from Georgia, settled at first on the river above the city, and for a number of years remained on his plantation at that place. He was a planter and very successful. After the death of his wife, in due time he married the widow of ROBERT GILMER and daughter of H. M. MURRAY. MR. CALLOWAY was a good man and citizen and stood well in the opinion of his friends and neighbors. After the death of his second wife he discontinued housekeeping and lived among his children, in ease and comfort, the remaining days of his life. He was the father of JOSEPH ADOLPHUS CALLOWAY, of Snowdoun.

Editor's Note - Willis Callaway's line of descent is as follows:
Peter Callaway
John Callaway
Edward Callaway
Job Callaway, Sr.
Joseph Callaway
Willis Ragan Callaway

Other C/K Lines

I would like to thank CFA Newsletter subscriber, Dee Blakley, for sending us additional information about Isaac L. Callaway, who was a "Mystery Callaway" mentioned in last month's newsletter.

Donna -
Just got my December newsletter and was drawn to the information about the mystery Callaway from Arkansas, Isaac L, who died in a Union prison camp in Rock Island Illinois.
Since my research focuses on Arkansas Callaways, I knew he was not in my tree, at least not yet.
I was intrigued, did some searches and came up with this information.
There was an Isaac L Callaway in the 1850 census in Bradley County, AR.  He, his mother Mary, and younger sister Sarah J Callaway, were living in the home of Elisha L and Louisa McMurtrey.  There was no "father" Callaway in that home, so I assume Mary, who was born about 1814 in North Carolina, was a widow.  I don't think there was a family connection between Elisha McMurtrey and Mary Callaway, as Elisha was born in Alabama.
That census shows that Isaac L Callaway was born about 1846 in Michigan (Editor's Note - probably a transcription error, more likely Mississippi), while his younger sister, Sarah J, was born about 1849 in Arkansas.
I could not find any members of that family in the 1860 census, either in Arkansas, or any record I could reliably identify as them in that census.  If the Isaac I found in the 1850 census was the same one who died in the Union prison camp, then at most, he would have been about 19 years old at his death.
The military records on Isaac L Calloway uniformly use the spelling C A L L O W A Y, which is not the common spelling for the Clark County, Arkansas Callaways in my family.
The Confederate regiment in which Isaac L Calloway in the newsletter served saw frequent and bloody battles.  Isaac L Calloway was captured by Union troops at Ashley County, Arkansas on 24 Mar 1864.  Ashley County is geographically one county away (to the southeast) from Bradley County, so this may support the possible identification of Isaac in the 1850 census.  It could also mean that he was captured shortly after he enlisted.
He was initially "confined" in a POW camp on 4 Apr 1864, and subsequently transferred to Rock Island on 17 May 1864, where he died on 12 Jun 1864, either of chronic diarrhea (according to one record) or meningitis (according to another).
If there are Michigan Calloway researchers, he may belong in one of their lines of descent.
Dee Blakley
sharpchick13 at

Editor's Note - I was looking over Dee's information again, and I think there could be a chance that Mary Callaway and Louisa McMurtrey are related. Job Callaway (from Peter file) was born in Montgomery Co., NC about 1768 and migrated to Coosa Co., AL by 1865 where he died. His daughter Sarah (Sallie) married Willis McMurtry (McMurtrey) She is listed with 3 children on the same page of the 1850 Bradley Co., AR census as Elijah and Louisa McMurtrey. That just can't be a coincidence, right?

I would like to thank newsletter subscriber, John Radford, in the UK for sharing this fascinating story of the travels of John Calloway from St. Helens, IofW.

 Hi Donna,
 I thought the following may be of interest -
 Our local newspaper the Isle of Wight County Press, published weekly, features a column "Looking Back".
In June 1986 under the heading "100 Years Ago" they reprinted the following item from the County Press of June 5th 1886-
The village of St. Helens was thrown into a state of considerable excitement on Wednesday evening caused by the unexpected return of a very old villager. John Calloway, who had been absent for some 40 years and had been given up for dead.
It appears that in 1848 he shipped aboard the yacht Louisa, Which went to the Mediterranean, and for insubordination or some other cause Calloway was put ashore at a foreign port.
Instead of attempting to return to his wife and family in St Helens he went to New York and later to California. He says he once sent a remittance of £50 to his wife but he never heard if she received it.
His wife and most of the children are now dead and he is staying with his daughter Mrs. Warder,
Publication of this item elicited a response on 27th June 1986 published in letters to the Editor, as follows-
I refer to the homecoming of John Calloway who returned home to St Helens after being away for 40 years. The story had been told to me in detail years before, by my husband's mother. She was in her 93rd. year in 1961, and was staying with us at Brookfield Farm, Porchfield, IoW.
Her mother a Mrs. Clarke of Cowes, IoW was related to the Calloways.
Island  historians will know that Sophie Dawes designated "Uncrowned queen of France" was a relative of the same family. This letter was sent by a Mrs. M. Day, of Flinders Park, South Australia.
Looking at the family history of the St Helens families, John was the son of James Calloway & Mary Ansell, both he and his Father are listed as Mariners.
John Calloway married Sarah , between 1827 and 1844 they had 8 children. 2 years after the birth of the youngest he left to return 40 years later!
Quite a story.    
Best Wishes John.
radfordjs at

Thank you to Bill Piper for sending us this snippet about Orville Callaway of Fort Wayne, IN.

~ from Akron Weekly Pioneer Press, Akron, Washington Co., CO, Friday, June 16, 1922

Struck by Lightning in Chair.

Fort Wayne, Ind. - While sitting in a chair at his rooming house one afternoon Orville Callaway, age twenty-three, was struck by lightning. Ruth Hutson, a sister-in-law, was sitting on the arm of Callaway's chair and, although shocked, was not hurt seriously. Callaway was taken to a hospital. He will recover.

From census records his family line is as follows:

Descendants of Stephen Callaway

Generation No. 1

1. STEPHEN1 CALLAWAY was born Abt. 1798 in DE. He married AMANDA UNKNOWN. She was born Abt. 1823 in OH.


2. i. CYRUS ROY2 CALLAWAY, b. Aug 1842, IN.

ii. MCREE CALLAWAY, b. Abt. 1846, IN.

iii. SAMUEL CALLAWAY, b. Abt. 1848, IN.

Generation No. 2

2. CYRUS ROY2 CALLAWAY (STEPHEN1) was born Aug 1842 in IN. He married (1) ELIZABETH UNKNOWN. She was born Abt. 1850 in OH. He married (2) EMMA UNKNOWN. She was born Dec 1861 in IN.


i. ETTLE BELLE3 CALLAWAY, b. Abt. 1868, IN.

ii. ALLEN CALLAWAY, b. Abt. 1874, IN.

iii. LULU M. CALLAWAY, b. Abt. 1877, IN.

iv. EDWARD CALLAWAY, b. Abt. 1879, IN.


v. DAISEY3 CALLAWAY, b. May 1891, IN.

3. vi. CYRUS ROY CALLAWAY, JR., b. Jan 1894, IN.

vii. ORVILLE CALLAWAY, b. Dec 1897, IN.

viii. EMMA F. CALLAWAY, b. Abt. 1904, IN.

Generation No. 3

3. CYRUS ROY3 CALLAWAY, JR. (CYRUS ROY2, STEPHEN1) was born Jan 1894 in IN. He married EVA UNKNOWN. She was born Abt. 1901 in IN.


i. GEORGIA L.4 CALLAWAY, b. Abt. 1924, IN.

Editor's Note - Can anyone identify this family line and tell us more about them? They are "Mystery Callaways".

The following biographical sketch and picture are taken from:
Alabama Genealogy - Alabama Pioneers - The Alabama Genealogy Resource we site:

(1879 - aft. 1904)

THOMAS CLANTON CALLOWAY, musician and composer, of Montgomery, who has won the right to the title of "Alabama's young musical genius," was born in Troy, Ala., March 1, 1879. From infancy he displayed remarkable musical talent, being able to play the piano before he was able to balance himself on the piano stool. At the age of twelve he was organist at his Sunday school. His mother, quick to recognize in her son a musical genius, devoted herself to the care of his musical education, and sent him to the best of teachers.

At eighteen he was admitted to the Boston Conservatory of Music, where he was at once recognized as a genius, and shortly afterwards he began to publish. He has since then published many spirited marches and two-steps, all of which are original and characteristic, and which have been uncommonly popular with the music-loving public. Notable among his early efforts were the "U. D. C. March" and the "Debutante Two-Step." His greatest popularity, however, has arisen from his songs, for which KATE SLAUGHTER McKINNEY, the talented Southern poet, has composed the words.

He published several songs around 1904.The first, a little waltz caprice entitled "There Are No Eyes Like Thine," was followed by "Down in the Jeweled Deep," "Eventide," "The Green Kentucky Pastures," "Love's Dreaming Song," "Whar the Watermilyuns Grow" and "The White Rose," his work, was issued by SOL BLOOM. MR. CALLOWAY and had in manuscript at least six other beautiful melodies, with his characteristic accompaniments IN 1904.

Besides his ability as a composer, he is also a splendid organist. In person MR. CALLOWAY was of blonde type, with slender hands and an attractive air of gentleness that makes everyone his friend. The Pans World for April, 1904, contained his picture and a sketch of his work.

Editor's Note - Thomas Clanton Callaway's line of descent has been identified. See additional information on this family line in the February 2010 CFA Newsletter.


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Query Corner
If you think you may have ancestry in common, why not try to contact the query submitter. Perhaps you can start a dialogue and share family information.


Query # 549
Subject – Henry Callaway Johnston
Submitter - Anne Gieg, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
email - fynbos at

Dear Donna. 
A note on a Callaway that is on my family side by the name of Henry Callaway Johnston born Umtata 24/11/1888. The son of Dr. David William Johnston and a Margaret Hawthorne Johnston. I believe Henry Callaway Johnston (also known as Harry) who fought in the Boer War in South Africa. Became an Entomologist from University of Edinburgh - Scotland. His whereabouts to this day are unknown. I have one small picture of him in uniform during the war. Any information that could be shed on him would so much appreciated.
Anne Gieg (Edwards)
My great Grandparents / Grandparents were Johnstons.
Below is a picture of Henry Callaway Johnston hoping someone might recognize and tell me more.


In Closing


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Until next time,
Donna Morgan
CFA e-Newsletter Editor

* ~ From the preface of The "Visitations of the County of Somerset in the years 1531 et seq" by Frederic William Weaver M.A. Oxon. (1885), translated from the Latin.

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