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Saturday, January 12, 2008

Noted Scottish Clans in San Antonians' Ancestry

Irvines and Callaways Connected With Early History of United States
by Mrs. James H. French

aaaaErrors and inaccuracies are apt to creep into everything of human origin, but to the field of genealogical research, family history, etc., where faithful effort has been maintained to keep a reliable record, trustworthy statements and ____ of detail are more easily available.
The Irvines of Drum and Bonshaw (the latter, the Bonshaw, were first of the sub-clans in Scotland) were noted Scottish Clans.
aaaaThe Laird of Bonshaw was recognized as Chieftain of the Dumfriesshire Clan. Sir William de Irvine of this family was the armor-bearer and secretary of King Robert Bruce. He married a granddaughter of Bruce, who was a daughter of Robert Douglas, Earl of Buchan. The King gave to him the forests of Drum, and from this union were derived the two great Irvine families of Drum and Bonshaw. The descendants of Sir William de Irvine in North Scotland still retain the possession given to them by Bruce.
aaaaEdward Irvine of Bonshaw, survived the government outlawry, and strengthened himself by alliance with the Johnstones, the most powerful of the Dumfriesshire clans; his son, Christopher, marrying Margaret Johnstone, daughter of the chieftain. They defeated the lord warden, who was at the head of the government troops.
aaaaThe next brother of Edward Irvine, Christopher, a turbulent chief, was engaged in the cause of Queen Mary, 1607, and married the daughter (Mary) of Johnstone Newlie. One of their sons was Gerard Irvine, baronet in the Irish rebellion in 1641 and an officer in King William's royal army in the wars of 1659.
aaaaCol. William Irvine, born 1734, was one of his descendants; Robert Irvine, another son of Christopher and Mary Newlie Irvine, head of the American branch, fled to ____, Ireland and married Elizabeth Wylie. They had one son, David, who married Sophy Gault. To them was born a son, James, who married Margaret Wylie. They had ten children. Of these, seven sons came to America in 1725-31. These brothers were the progenitors of the Irvines in America.
aaaaChristopher and David came with their parents in 17__, and settled in Pennsylvania. From there, they moved to Bedford County, Virginia. David married Jane Kyle, and moved to Kentucky, where they settled in Madison County. Among their numerous children was Captain Christopher, born in 1760; built ____ Lick; was wounded at Little Mountain. In 1787, Christopher Irvine (gent.) was appointed by the Governor of Virginia one of the judges of the court. He was a statesman, a man of high character and intrepid ____. He married Lydia Calloway, the daughter of Col. Richard Calloway, who married in 1745 his first wife, Frances Walton.
aaaaCol. Christopher Irvine was killed fighting under General Logan against the Indians in Ohio.
Christopher and Lydia Calloway Irvine were the parents of David, Mary and Frances. The latter, Frances, married Robert Caldwell, and had Mary (among others), who married Judge James Simpson, and their son, Judge Isaac P. Simpson, who married Frances Weir, were the parents of Elizabeth (Mrs. H. D. Kampmann, Frances, James, Caro (Mrs. George C. Eichlitz), living in San Antonio.

Following here is a paragraph with the heraldic description of the arms, but it is illegible. The Coat of Arms of the various branches of the Irvine Clan differ slightly, but in general, avoiding heraldic terms, consists of green holly leaves upon a white (silver) field, spaced two and one.
aaaaSir William Callaway was county Lieutenant of Bedford County, Virginia, and was one of the gentleman justices of the county court, held November 27, 1758. For attendance upon the assembly, two sessions, in 1765, Sir William Callaway received 12,000 pounds of tobacco, which in those days was the current measure of payment. This statement of the county levy was copied by the clerk of Bedford County and certified to under the Virginia State seal.
aaaaSir William (or Colonel) Callaway married Elizabeth Tilly, and their son, Colonel Richard of Kentucky fame, who married first, Frances Walton, was the father of Lydia Callaway, who married Col. Christopher Irvine. (There is an error here in the Calloway ancestry. Richard Calloway was not the son of William Calloway. They were in fact brothers, sons of Joseph Calloway, the US immigrant from England to Virginia in the 1600s.)
aaaaAn erroneous statement has been made that Lydia's mother was the daughter of Daniel Boone. This error is probably due to the fact that Col. Richard Callaway was married several times. (Actually, Richard was only married twice; first to Frances Walton, and second to Elizabeth Jones. There is a Daniel Boone Connection in this family. Flanders Callaway married Daniel Boone's daughter, Jemima. Flanders was the son of James Callaway, who was a brother of Richard and William Callaway.)
aaaaAt another time the Caldwell family tracing down to connection with the Irvines will be given.

~ the above article was published in the San Antonio Express, San Antonio, Texas, August 6, 1911.
~ the picture showing the Irvine Coat of Arms is from the Irvine History web site.
~ James H. French, spouse of Sarah L. French, author of this article, was the Mayor of San Antonio, TX in 1880. He was born about 1835 in Virginia. It is interesting to note that another daughter of Richard Callaway, Keziah, married James French, born in 1756, and could likely be an ancestor of James H. French mentioned above.

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