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The Callaway Family Association was formed in 1975 to study the genealogy of the Callaway Surname (all spellings). Members can be found from Australia to England to Canada to the United States and number almost 600 strong. Discussions related to Callaway Genealogy are welcome here and this Blog was created for that purpose. The Callaway Family Tree Branches May Reach Out, But the Roots Run Deep.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Zion Flannery

A Southern sympathizer, 49-year-old Zion was forced to leave Jackson County during **Order #11 on Aug. 25, 1863. He had just bought a farm in Saline County, and hurried his family off to safety there while he remained behind to gather corn for his livestock. ( Zion & John Flannery owned 1300 acres in Jackson Co.)

When he didn't appear at the new home, the family grieved, not knowing what fate had befallen him. They didn't learn until many years later,...his wife Lucinda died without knowing. Rebecca Jane Flannery [Gault],
a daughter of Zion, heard the story by chance 25 years later, when her daughter Anna Lou married G. L. Park in 1888 and moved to a livestock farm in Henry County.

One day the county sheriff, "Uncle Jimmy" Calloway, came riding by and accepted their invitation to stay for dinner. When the talk turned to where they were from and family names, Calloway said, in amazement, "Why,
I buried your grandfather. I saw two men on horseback chasing him," he said, "they had chased him into Lafayette County, then shot him. I asked them why and they said, 'We knew he was a Southern man.' I knew him, so I made him a coffin of walnut logs, and waxed it with beeswax, and buried him on a knoll under a sycamore near where he was killed." Besides his wife , Lucinda [Shepherd] Flannery, he left children James Silas, Rebecca J., Melvina W., John W., MacPendleton, George Zion, and Horace Napolean Flannery.

~ from Branded as Rebels, by Eakin & Hales
provided by Nina Flannery

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